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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a press release distribution service?
Our service writes and sends your press release to a network of media outlets. This includes influential news sites and helps your business gain publicity and credibility.
2. How can your service help my business?
By getting your story featured on news sites, you can display an “As Seen On” trust badge. This can increase trust, improve SEO, and boost sales.
3. Who can benefit from a press release distribution?
By getting your story featured on news sites, you can display an “As Seen On” trust badge. This can increase trust, improve SEO, and boost sales.
4. What information do I need to provide for my press release?
We need your website URL and a brief about your business. Also, please provide specific highlights or achievements you want to include.
5. Will my article be published on the main websites of FOX, CBS, NBC etc.?
Your press release will not be published on these networks main websites (for example,, as those are reserved for national headline news. However, you will be published to local affiliates such as FOX 28, FOX 43 etc., which are the official sites for their respective TV stations. For example, FOX 28 is for channel 28 in a specific city and is part of the FOX news network. Therefore, it’s similar to getting published in a local newspaper.
6. Will I be able to review the press release before it's distributed?
Yes, you’ll have the opportunity to review and approve the press release. This way, you can ensure it meets your satisfaction before we send it off.
7. How long does the press release stay published online?
It varies, but many sites will keep your release indefinitely. You can always reference your coverage as part of your brand’s history.
8. Are there any businesses or topics you don't accept?
We don’t accept releases related to offensive, controversial, or illegal topics. These include adult content, gambling, and certain financial schemes.
9. How soon will my press release be distributed?
Typically, within 10 days of final approval, your press release will be live. You’ll receive a report with all the links.
10. Can I use the "As Seen On" badge on my website and marketing materials?
Absolutely! Once published, you can proudly display the “As Seen On” badges across all of your marketing channels.
11. What if I want to make changes after the press release is distributed?
To maintain credibility and consistency, we cannot make changes post-distribution. However, we ensure you are happy with the final version before sending it out.

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